Toldkammeret & Childrens' CulturalCentre

Toldkammeret, Elsinore's old customs house, now functions as a music venue and café. Children from all over Elsinore can also express their creative talents in the children's cultural centre and its workshops, all within the old protected structure.

The customs house was inaugurated the 16th of November 1891, and used by the Danish customs authorities until 1976, where a request was made to the Elsinore municipality, asking if it wanted to acquire the building. This was the beginning of a great debate.

Plans to tear down the building were discarded, as they were met with massive resistance by a number of associations and interest groups, who wishes to make use of it. The debate of the future function of the place continued until 1979, where it was finally decided to maintain the old building as part of the town-scape.

Since 1991 Toldkammeret has housed the Childrens' Cultural Centre

In 1989, Toldkammmeret was turned into an independent institution, Kulturhuset Toldkammeret. The year after Kammercaféen was opened, inspired by the Copenhagen cafe culture.

Toldkammeret has in a period functioned as the city’s most important venue for rhythmic music, and has been host to a number of art exhibitions. With the opening of Kulturværftet, the music culture in Elsinore has acquired an entirely new scene with room for big concerts.

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  1. 21. september 2012 Suzanne Schytt skriver:

    Toldkammeret med den gode café skal bevares,med sit udmærkede koncertprogram,mulighed for udendørsaktiviteter,som f.eks.gadeteater om sommeren men også for den mulighed foreningslivet har for at booke både lokaler og café.
    Og Børnekulturcentret? Hvor mange kommuner har et sådant tilbud om kreativ læring til deres børn?En perle,vi kan være stolte af og bør bevare for børnenes skyld – de bliver jo ikke hørt i afstemninger som disse!

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Inspired by Northern Italy

Helsingør Toldkammer was designed based on northern Italian renaissance palaces, and constructed by royal building inspector Johan Daniel Herholdt in 1891. Toldkammeret replaced the city’s old customs house from the 1700s, that had to be demolished along with the large old customs storehouse when the new railway station was constructed.