The Badminton Court

Badminton is not the only thing that has been played in the badminton court. Pr... Read more

Bymuseet (The City Museum)

It is as much the building and its history as it is the exhibitions, that make ... Read more

Gurre Slot (Gurre Castle)

It was one of King Valdemar Atterdags favourite residences, and thus one of the... Read more

Helsingør Børneasyl

Since 1835, children have been taken care of in Helsingør Børneasyl (Elsinore... Read more

Elsinore's Old Town

Grand mansions, humble timber framed buildings and Gothic stone houses. The old... Read more

The Carmelite Monastery

You experience a special kind of peace, when you take a walk in the open arcade... Read more

Kronborg Castle

It is a special experience to take a walk around Kronborg. The great castle bea... Read more

The Cultural Harbor in Elsinore

Elsinore's new urban space by the water adds to the town's maritime past a cult... Read more

LO-skolen (The LO-School)

Art, architecture, the labour movement, concerts and modern conferences melt to... Read more

Marienlyst Castle

Elsinore's classicist leisure castle, with its accompanying green park, was bui... Read more

Sankt Olai Kirke (Church of Saint Olai)

With its tall tower, the Sankt Olai church is highly visible in the cityscape. ... Read more