The thoughts behind

Community, commitment and active citizenship. Those are some of the words and thoughts behind the idea of the Elsinore Cultural Canon. The Cultural Committee wished for as many citizens of Elsinore municipality as possible to recognize the final canon. Thus the citizens have been involved during the entire process.

The 28th of February 2012 the Elsinore municipality’s Cultural Committee approved of a concept for the Elsinore cultural canon. In the concept it was defined that:

The Cultural Canon builds on, and supports, the vision that the Elsinore municipality wants to be recognized as the municipality where community enhances quality of life.

It also leans on Elsinore municipality’s strategy to promote greater togetherness through strengthened dialogue, and supply activities to support community and diversity.

Through broad involvement of children, youths and adult citizens in Elsinore municipality, a number of items must be chosen that is worth canonising.

The goal of the process surrounding the Cultural Canon is to:

  • Strengthen the community in Elsinore municipality
  • Emphasise the very special qualities found in Elsinore municipality
  • Enhance interest in visiting and exploring Elsinore municipality
  • Spread information on the very special places, people, events, sculptures, buildings and more that was, and still are, of great importance for life in Elsinore municipality. 

The Elsinore Cultural Canon is the sum of all that is essential to life in the Elsinore municipality. It is the citizens themselves who, in the spring of 2012, voted on what items should be in this canon, and the 27 canonised items on this list represent the candidates that the citizens voted highest. Happy reading!

The Elsinore Cultural Canon is created by the citizens of Elsinore municipality.

4650 votes

During the 14 days, that the citizens could vote for the 120 different suggestions for the Elsinore Cultural Canon, 4650 votes were given.