About Elsinore Cultural Canon

The citizens of Elsinore municipality has received their own cultural canon. The Elsinore Cultural Canon is built on what the citizens themselves identify as especially essential to life in the Elsinore municipality. The finalized canon represents the suggestions voted the very highest during an open vote, for all Elsinore citizens, held during the spring of 2012.

In the spring of 2012 the citizens of Elsinore municipality was offered the opportunity to play an important part in the creation of the Elsinore Cultural Canon.

At first by sending in suggestions about what experiences they found essential to life in Elsinore municipality, and secondly by voting on their favourite suggestions.

When the voting was over, it was decided by the editorial staff that the 45 suggestions that had received the most votes should have a slot in the Elsinore Cultural Canon. The 45 suggestions were consequently collected into the 27 canon topics collected here on the site.. Read about the thoughts behind the Elsinore cultural canon.

“I am proud that I live in Elsinore municipality. There are so many qualities. So many beautiful and special experiences. So many exciting stories that make you think, inspires us and binds us all together, and which attracts guests from near and far.” Malene Carmel, chairman of Elsinore municipality’s Cultural Committee.

What do you think?

You are more than welcome to comment on the 27 subjects in the Elsinore Cultural Canon. You can write comments in the space at the bottom of each of the canon subjects.