Multiparken (The Skate Park)

It is a piece of gigantic playground packed in concrete. Here youths, those who feel young, and those who just like having fun together in the name of street-culture, can show off their talent.

It is a constant in the area; the constant drone of the skateboard’s small polyurethane-wheel whizzing over the concrete of the skate park.

The youngest users cautiously make use of the park’s many facilities, while they occasionally watch the older users, looking on with awe as the older boys and girls make full use of the parkour and skate facilities.

Multiparken frames numerous non-organised sports activities, and it has already become a magnet attracting youths from both Elsinore and Copenhagen.

The tub-shaped bowls receives both skateboarders, bmx-riders and roller skaters. And on the sports courts around the park, one can play street basket, football, and ice skate during the winter. There is always something to do from opening to closing time, and it all goes on in a loving, controlled chaos.

6 comments “Multiparken

  1. 21. september 2012 Ahmed Yetik skriver:

    Fordi det er et sygt sejt sted at hænge ud

  2. 21. september 2012 Camilla Andreassen skriver:

    Det er sjovt. Jeg kan godt lide at lære at køre på løbehjul med mine veninder. Har en sød lyserød én med blomster på

  3. 21. september 2012 Merlut, 3000 skriver:

    Det er fedt vi har en multipark

  4. 21. september 2012 Bodil Iversen, 3000 skriver:

    Der er mange af mine veninder fra Hamlet, der kommer med deres børnebørn og kører på løbehjul

  5. 21. september 2012 Phillip Blovstrød, 3000 skriver:

    Det er fedt at hænge ud med mine homies og tjekke de hotte piger ud

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A Multifunctional park

MP:H,  which is Multiparkens official name, covers an area of 10.000 m2. The park is located by Vapnagaard in the big council flat area by Rønnebær Allé, where 10 percent of Elsinore municipality’s population lives. Multiparken is for everyone, and there is a great deal of focus on openness. In other words, something for everyone – regardless of age, gender and ethnicity. Therefore there are also green and recreational areas by Multiparken in the shape of grill facilities, benches, tables, and a playground for those who are not ready for the bowl. Multiparken attracts young people all the way from Copenhagen and Elsinore.