At the edge of Egebæksvang forest lies the Flynderupgård museum, designed to give its visitors an impression of daily life in the country in the 1920s. Flynderupgård is also host to yearly events like community singing and constitution parties.

The civic restaurant’s range of porridge would make even the most well-supplied porridge deli drop their spoon in their bowl with envy. And that is not because Flynderupgård is following recent trends and jumped on the porridge bandwagon.

Flynderupgård’s civic restaurant is merely serving the usual food of the 1920s, a time where people took the edge off their appetite with satiating mixes such as wheat porridge, rice flour porridge and velvet porridge.

Inside Flynderupgård’s grand main building one can find the permanent exhibition, where visitors can see a farmer’s living room as it might have looked at the beginning of the 20th century. In the adjoining room, you can look at a faithful copy of an old general store as it looked in 1916, when it was located by Mørdrupvej not far from there.

Outside waits a historical farm with old Danish domestic breeds of farm animals, agricultural machinery from the 1920s, and the vegetable gardens which supply the civic restaurant.

In the decked out barn, there will be celebrations regardless of the weather. True to tradition, Frilandsmuseet Flynderupgårds Venner (Friends of Flynderupgård museum) celebrate when the harvest season is over. Everyone is invited when celebrating the traditional transition from harvest to winter. The corn is in the barn, the turnips will be soon, and there is dancing and warm food. In the marketplace one can buy various items of great quality, for example jewellery, children’s clothing, knitwear or freshly smoked herring. Or you could get a tour of the stables.

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  1. 21. september 2012 Axel Kallesøe, 3060 skriver:

    Det er et glimrende samlingspunkt i kraft af sit spisehus, og fordi det viser en unik side af nordsjællandsk historie. Deres skiftende udstillinger er et fremragende lokalhistorisk medie

  2. 21. september 2012 Jørgen Manniche, 3000 skriver:

    Flynderupgård får en af mine stemmer på grund af Arne Meylings besjælede pædagogiske ide om at borgerne og børnene skulle være med til at bygge museet Skoleelevernes historiske indsigt skulle således starte nysgerrigheden omkring ting og mennesker omkring dem. Flynderupgård afspejler derfor i stor grad borgernes egen kulturhistorie.

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Food like the old days

Every week the civic restaurant serves old-fashioned meals such as chicken roast, ”husmandskål” (a pork and cabbage dish) and ”skomagerbøf” (chopped liver). Besides the weekly menu, one can also enjoy a ”fedtemad” (pork dripping on rye bread) or a home baked pretzel.