Brostræde Ice Cream

It is a mix of home baked waffle, summer ambience in Brostræde, and nostalgic memories of the ice cream of your childhood. Since 1922, Brostræde Is has sold ice cream to those hungry for a cold treat, both visitors and locals.

Is there anything more ”Elsinorian” than Brostræde on a hot summer day? Danish flags hang between the houses on both sides of the street, and at the far end you can, on a clear day, see the ferries docking. But it is not always you can see all the way to the far end. For in the middle of Brostræde, there is usually something of a crowd.

They are standing in line for an experience they probably have tried before. Or maybe they have been told that they should remember to try it before leaving Elsinore. For what is a trip to Elsinore without an ice cream cone from Brostræde?

The 22th November 1922 Engelbrecht Nielsen founded an ice cream shop in Elsinore, which has become something of a local legend. It is the essence of happy childhood memories, baked together with a waffle with ice cream and jam. Maybe a chocolate covered marshmallow on top, if you really want to celebrate.

Today it is Engelbecht Nielsen’s grandchildren who runs the shop, and they maintain the home-made waffles and the sparse selection of ice cream variants. Such a lack of innovation was probably not going to end well for other ice cream shops, but we are not talking just any ice cream shop. We are talking about Brostræde Is. And here the memories shall not be exposed to needless innovation.

On a hot day Brostræde Ice Cream is attracting a great number of visitors

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  1. 14. august 2018 Kirsten Chaney skriver:

    Forretningen ser desværre lidt for slidt og træt ud, det er
    på tide at investere lidt af overskuddet i at “forskønne”
    udseendet. Der trænger til at blive spenderet lidt på, at
    forretningen fremstår indbydende og romantisk. Der skal
    naturligvis ikke ændres på selve helheden, men der skal
    nok lidt vedligeholdelse til, også for at gøre det til en fortsat hyggelig fornøjelses at komme der.
    Jeg har kommet der fra barns ben og isen er stadig tops.

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Five variants and nothing more

Most ice cream shops fill their displays with different variants, often several meters of them. But at Brostræde Is it is not the variety that is in focus. There are only five different tastes to choose from: Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, nougat and pistachio.